AI for marketing: free tools that you must use

Ten years ago, grocery stores didn’t have self-checkouts.

Today, we have self-checkouts at grocery stores and people are queuing up to use it.

They must bring shoppers some benefit despite the downsides of having to do everything yourself.

Every few years, some new tech comes by. People might resist.

But people who don’t adopt and adapt will eventually find themselves losing their edge slowly, and then suddenly.

Here are tools that help me stay on the curve.

Use AI to create your graphic elements

Uses: infographics, ads, web images

The graphics attached are made with Stable Diffusion.

Frankly, if I had to do this without AI, I’d either have to hire an artist, get really lucky with stock imagery or assemble a photography team to take these photos.

This is a huge topic and you’re welcome to email me.

Here are some of the best resources available:

For a beginner’s guide, there’s nothing better than Stable Diffusion Art. The website is outstanding and till this day, I still browse it frequently.

What I’ve seen online is mostly content for fun and pleasure. There are some actual business uses for Stable Diffusion, and I wrote specific guides.

stable diffusion graphic design creating a character

I’ve used Stable Diffusion to help me draw a cartoon avatar from a photograph to great result.

stable diffusion generated marketing image

Stable Diffusion and Photoshop can also help you generate models for your products.

Finally, sometimes, you find the perfect stock image but the person doesn’t fit your client base. A simple face swap can help you overcome this problem.

Use ChatGPT to generate Google Sheets formula

Uses: SEO keyword matching

Instead of finding the right formula, describe what you want to ChatGPT.

e.g. “Write a google sheets formula that compares cell a2 to column A on a spreadsheet named TEST. If there’s a match, say “MATCH”

Use ChatGPT to create websites/code

Uses: saves a lot of time, this is boilerplate on steroids.

adding a placeholder image in chatgpt

My host was giving free domains out, so I got one, and decided I should put a website on it. I didn’t want to code by hand, so I asked ChatGPT to code

Sample prompt: “Code a website that has a title and h1 “Hello World” and a paragraph saying “this is a chatgpt website”

You can also use it to code JavaScript, write CSS, etc. Just throw a prompt at it and see what you get.

For example, my client wanted me to animate the background of her website to make it more fun.

Click the video below and watch the background elements.

So, I went to ChatGPT and wrote some pseudocode (code, but described in English):

Write a CSS animation that transitions between opacity 0.4 to opacity 0.6 and repeats forever

And this happened:

chatgpt generating animation css

Clean up noisy recordings

Uses: For those situations when environment or equipment is poor.

Listen to these two samples of my friend trying to say my name.

I took the audio taken off an old cameraphone (yes, back when it was called a “cameraphone”)

Safe to say, the quality of an early-millennium phone’s recording wasn’t very good.



This blows my mind. Upload your noisy recording to Adobe and get back something a little bit better.


What kind of graphics can I create using AI?

AI can help you create a wide variety of graphics, including infographics, ads, and web images. Stable Diffusion is a popular tool for AI-generated graphics.

How can AI help me generate formulas for Google Sheets?

You can describe what you want the formula to do to ChatGPT, and it will generate the formula for you. This can save a lot of time compared to manually searching for the right formula.

Can AI help me code a website from scratch?

Yes, you can use AI to generate website code using prompts like “Code a website that has a title and h1 ‘Hello World'”. This can be a huge time-saver for marketers who don’t have coding expertise.

How can AI be used to clean up noisy recordings?

Adobe has a free tool called “Enhance” that can clean up audio recordings using AI. Simply upload your recording and the tool will remove background noise and improve audio quality.

Are these AI tools user-friendly for non-technical marketers?

Some of these tools may require a bit of technical knowledge, but there are resources available to help you get started.

For example, Stable Diffusion Art has a beginner’s guide, and ChatGPT can generate code and formulas based on simple prompts.

You can also contact me (email below).

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