Designing an email Christmas card for the COVID-19 era.

My work in communications in a small team in a film industry union has led me to doing many different aspects of graphics-related work.

COVID-19 Christmas card

As a result of the pandemic and the low-contact society during the COVID-19 pandemic, IATSE 891 needed to enhance the digital Christmas card to not only be much more enticing, but also well-formatted.

Here’s the animation I created in Photoshop.

christmas card film industry
Animated GIF Christmas card that features both elements from the film industry in a COVID-19 world.

The card features a diverse pair of individuals in elf costume wearing masks, in front of a background that speaks to the film industry with its lighting, boom mic and green screen.

I created the two characters from this stock image, then drew the mask, boom mic and lamp in Illustrator.

Characters from iStockPhoto

Coding an email in HTML is difficult, but I found MJML, a transpiler that makes life a lot easier. You basically just write in MJML’s components and then it translates them into e-mail friendly HTML.

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