Guide to putting Strapi behind HTTPS/SSL

In order to put Strapi behind a HTTPS, you need to take some steps.

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Why put Strapi behind HTTPS?

If your frontend is behind a HTTPS, it will reject content from a HTTP link, which by default Strapi uses.

That’s to say: http://URL:1337.

Server will throw “mixed-content” error and reject the content.

What server config?

I ran this on AWS Lightsail’s Node JS bitnami installation. It’s Debian and has an apache server.

What I did

In Strapi

In your strapi folder, go to config/server.js, add the bold line in to it. Replace YOUR_URL with your website’s URL.

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({

  host: env("HOST", ""),

  port:"PORT", 1337),

 url: "",

  admin: {

    auth: {

      xxx: env("xxx", "???"),




Go to your vhosts folder to set up a proxy. You want to send any queries to YOUR_URL/api to localhost:1337

On your front end

My front end was made with Next.JS, so I had a ENV config.

Here’s my code:

module.exports = {
  reactStrictMode: true,
  env: {
    apiUrl: "",
    url: "",
  images: {
    domains: [""],

API_URL is meant for NextJS to query and get some data through a useEffect hook. url is meant for Next SEO.

On your server

In your server, go to the folder /opt/bitnami/apache/conf/vhosts

Take both your vhosts.conf files, in my case, named sample-https-vhost.conf and sample-vhost.conf

Add these lines just before the </VirtualHost> line

 <Location /api>
            ProxyPass  retry=0 timeout=60 keepalive=On

Are you getting malicious path error?

Error response from Strapi upon heading to YOUR_URL/api:

    statusCode: 400,
    error: "Bad Request",
    message: "Malicious Path"

Check if your server.js, front-end api URL or your vhost ProxyPass have a slash at the end. You don’t want that slash.

This would cause Strapi to query with two slashes: YOUR_URL/api//content

For example, I put

ProxyPass <– error because of extra slash

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