Travel photography

Receipts you keep while travelling become memorabilia

I left Toronto on my 50cc Honda Jazz (Metropolitan) on June 21, 2013.

I don’t remember how it came to me, but I decided to keep my receipts. I believe the idea came to me when I got gas in Cobourg, Ont.

Four years after I did the trip, these receipts served as great travelling memorabilia, in addition to photos. They’re complementary with a purchase and they record pertinent details to spur nostalgia.

They record what you did, at what time and where. These details suffice to remind you of how you felt at that point of time.

Case in point:

A photo of my purchase at a gas station’s convenience store in Deschaillons, Que., between Quebec City and Montreal, on the south side of the St. Lawrence River.

In Deschaillons, Que., I bought a bottle of water in the morning. Just done with a first-year course in French, I felt challenged to express what I wanted to the non-English-speaking cashier in the convenience store. I wanted room-temperature bottled water. How do you even say that?!

On an unremarkable plot of empty land, a photo of a great sunset over the St. Lawrence River.

That receipt also reminded me of how I got there. The night before, about 9 p.m., I looked around for a place to camp. A person manning a fruit stand on the side of the highway rejected me an hour ago or so, but I thought I’d try again.

I saw an empty piece of land so I spoke to the couple who lived in the adjacent house. I learned that they did not own the plot of land, but they made a call and got the OK from the owner.


This b’y is going to Newfoundland. A photo of my boarding card to Port aux Basque in southwest Newfoundland. About eight hours on the ferry.
Bye bye, Newfoundland. A photo of my boarding card from Argentia (southeast Newfoundland) to North Sydney, N.S. About 15 hours on the ferry.
Photo of someone bringing a knife to a gunfight. Ferry from Argentia, N. L. to North Sydney.

The difference between a trip to the west and a trip to the east lies in the number of ferries you’ll have to take. On my trip to the west, I only took one ferry to Vancouver Island. On the eastern trip, I took one to get from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia, rather than driving a big loop.

Dildo, N. L.

Exciting, isn’t it? I had to take a photo of this sign because I needed to tell the world I made all the effort to go there.
B’y oh b’y, here comes another lame tourist to take a picture with Captain Dildo. Gee, I bet he’s 14 and thinks this is funny.

When I lived in Hope, B.C., I noted how many people would make puns of the town’s name. I would roll my eyes as I am sure a lot of people would upon hearing the many clich├ęs.

I’m sure when I went to Dildo, residents had their eyes glazed over while I wasn’t looking.

I bought stamps from the post office just so I could have this receipt to prove that I have been to Dildo, N.L. Now I’m taking a photo of it to tell the world.

In case you’re wondering, I did not go to Blow Me Down Provincial Park.