My work has been published in The Hope Standard, Smithers Interior News, Perryville Republic-Monitor (based in Perryville, Mo.) and the Toronto Observer.

In my time managing The Hope Standard, a newspaper covering Hope, B.C., it won back-to-back awards:

2018 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards (CCNA)

1st Best Business Writing
2nd Best All-Round Newspaper
2nd Best Front Page
3rd Best Photo Essay

2017 CCNA
2nd Best Front Page
3rd Best All-Round Newspaper
3rd Best Editorial Page

2018 BC and Yukon Community Newspaper Assocation
1st in Newspaper Excellence Awards

Author W.P. Kinsella dies via an assisted suicide in Yale, B.C.
Graphic designer Ryan Ellan opens a museum to a Second World War Japanese internment camp on the site where it used to sit.
Californian walks Alaska to Argentina, drinking Soylent as his main form of caloric intake.
Smithers, B.C., hometown hero  Jimmy Watson inducted into Philadelphia Flyers’ Hall of Fame.
Perryville city administrator Brent Buerck shares how his community attracted multinational companies.
WorkBC’s four step process to helping people with disability find work.


Xuyun, you are doing an amazing job. The Hope Standard has vastly improved since you arrived as Editor.
It has more articles, many of them penned by you, more personal interest stories and is overall a much better read than in the past.
Recently some friends move into town and I found myself sharing with them how wonderful our community is and noted what a great paper we have. When was the last time I wonder when someone was exclaiming the merits of a small town an cited the local paper as one of it’s virtues.
It really captures the heartbeat of our great town. I even thought of buying them a subscription myself.
Also, I don’t know how you do it but the way you take an issue in the media and then find a personal interest angle is very engaging.
The other day I noted the piece on the census you did and then this week you have a personal interest story follow up with an interview on language minorities in town. Well done.
As well, you keep us all informed with ongoing stories linking the past with the present as you did with the recovery for Canyon Carpet following on the heels of the similar situation at Hope Outfitters.
And, while I’m on it, I also appreciate your balance. You never appear to take sides on an issue rather sticking to the facts.
Your questions are fair and elicit meaningful responses in your interviews.
Thank you to you and your team for an amazing job!
A long time and appreciative reader,
Kevin Chisholm