Freelance SEO writer

I write about web development, WordPress and smartwatches using a defined process.

I have written articles with a tech-centric focus including reviewing smartwatches and writing about WordPress.

I also write and edit in the men’s health space with a focus on getting men the best content in making decisions on what doctors to visit, how they can actively help themselves and how telemedicine works.

Raspberry Pi

I write tutorials and articles about the Raspberry Pi as part of an SEO campaign to increase the number of sign-ups for PiCockpit (SaaS) and hardware sales (

Everything about Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Everything about the Raspberry Pi Pico

Your 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS questions answered


I really enjoy writing about WordPress and I try to create content that will help people find out about the best techniques to adopt.

WordPress has moved a long way from being a blogging platform to one that has e-commerce and page building capabilities.

Astra WordPress Theme Review (Are page builders obsolete?)

WP Stackable review (Can you completely avoid page builders with this?)

Men’s health

I create content in the men’s health field for a telemedicine start-up that focuses on erectile dysfunction and hair loss.

Along with the founder, who is a doctor, I find relevant keywords, craft an outline, edit submissions from other writers and publish it to their website. I also create some graphics from time to time to enhance the text.

I’m loving how SEO is building SIRE. Really a good investment, and a lot of credit goes to you too. For helping and giving advice in the early days.

Dr. Chan Jun Yang, SIRE founder.

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction in Singapore?


I tested smartwatches and learned a lot about the benefits of each system.

My role involved creating the best content that could convey why someone would buy one watch over another.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch Series 5

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