Freelance SEO writer

I write about Raspberry Pis, men’s telehealth and tech using a defined process.

I write content with a SEO focus in the following fields: Raspberry Pi, IoT, men’s health and dentistry.

Raspberry Pi

Branded featured images for PiCockpit’s blog.

Here’s a full list of my written work around the Raspberry Pi.


I write and co-write “mega-articles” that explain every aspect of different Raspberry Pi boards. These articles rank in the top 10 for traffic sources for PiCockpit’s blog, as of November 2022.

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 mega-article — 10th for incoming traffic

Raspberry Pi Pico W mega-article 3rd for incoming traffic

Raspberry Pi Pico mega-article — 5th for incoming traffic

Chip shortages have severely hampered supply of Raspberry Pis. Despite being a very basic article. it represents the biggest source of traffic.

Raspberry Pi stock update 2022 — 1st for incoming traffic

As well, I write for Dusun regarding their IoT products.

Supply Chain Issues With Raspberry Pi

IoT Industrial Projects Should Consider This Raspberry Pi Replacement


I really enjoy writing about WordPress and I try to create content that will help people find out about the best techniques to adopt.

WordPress has moved a long way from being a blogging platform to one that has e-commerce and page building capabilities.

Astra WordPress Theme Review (Are page builders obsolete?)

WP Stackable review (Can you completely avoid page builders with this?)

Men’s health

telehealth featured image web seo
A compilation of featured images for various blog post.

I create content in the men’s health field for a telemedicine start-up that focuses on erectile dysfunction and hair loss.

Along with the founder, who is a doctor, I find relevant keywords, craft an outline, edit submissions from other writers and publish it to their website. I also create some graphics from time to time to enhance the text.

The image above shows featured images of various blog posts. In the early stages, I suggested to the founder that SIRE should show its brand identity through having branded featured images, rather than just using stock images.

I’m loving how SEO is building SIRE. Really a good investment, and a lot of credit goes to you too. For helping and giving advice in the early days.

Dr. Chan Jun Yang, SIRE founder.

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction in Singapore?


I tested smartwatches and learned a lot about the benefits of each system.

My role involved creating the best content that could convey why someone would buy one watch over another.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch Series 5

Best Smartwatch for Android 2021 (Budget and Premium Choices)

Ticwatch Pro 3 review (The ultimate Wear OS smartwatch)