Here are some of my best work and some description on how I did it.

“Summer 2020” photo manipulation

photoshop flower composite

The image Summer 2020 was titled this way because I had a great summer in 2020. So I made this photo because that’s exactly how I felt.

In order to make this photo manipulation, I used Photoshop, and clipped a few photos, the model and then drew the roots. The background uses a paper-like texture..

Photo shoot for professionals

From time to time, I do portrait photography for different groups of people. Some people need photos for professional purposes, others need it for their personal online presence.

Senior Colorist

Below is a senior colorist in the film industry, Anne, whose photos were used for her corporate profile.


Mortgage Broker

Personal photo shoots

Beach photo shoot

This was Jessica Henderson’s first photo shoot on the beach. She later told me that, “Not surprising at all, most likes I’ve ever gotten in an hour. Solid Instagram love. A great “this is her” photo. Thank you so much. Anytime you want to shoot again, I’m in.”

Bobby’s portraits for online use

Bobby was one of my first clients for portrait photography. He described the photo below as “This is the winner overall! I look like I should be on a bus stop or something hahaha.”

photo shoot

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