Stable Diffusion Tips: My 2023 Mega-List

Instead of writing all my tips into my Notion notebook, I thought I’d create a living document that’s public.

Hope you guys find these tips useful.

Emphasizing and Deemphasize Prompt

() = more

[] = less

If you aren’t seeing the effect that you want, consider upping the emphasis by 0.1.

Let’s say you want the scene to be dark. Move it 0.1 point above 1.0 (the base value).


Likewise, you can reduce the emphasis by using square brackets.


Looking for a Painting “In the Style Of”?

urania in the style of examples

If you are looking to create a painting, visit Urania which has a sampling of a painter’s style.

You can use their name in your prompt by putting “in the style of [painter]” and that will influence your output.

Generate Forever in Automatic1111

Stable Diffusion automatic1111 generate forever button

If you right click the “Generate” button, you will see the “Generate forever” button.

I’d use this when my prompt is on point, and it’s just a matter of rolling the dice until I hit the spot.

For example, if the context of your image is almost perfect, but the fingers of your small-batch aren’t good enough, then just running it for a long time will probably yield something eventually.

I prefer to put my batch count to 1 when I run this, so the time estimate will be exactly for the one image.

Play a sound when generation is

stable diffusion notification sound

In your Automatic1111 folder, place a notification.mp3 file. This will play when you’re done with your image generation.

by joe0185

I tested this and it worked. Make sure to Reload UI.

You can get notification sounds here.

The X/Y/Z plot inputs can take ranges

  • Rather than 1,2,3,4,5, use 1-5
  • To take steps other than 1, such as 1,3,5,7,9, use 1-9 (+2). This works with fractional steps, too, such as 4-8 (+0.5). Negative steps are also allowed.
  • To have it figure out the step size based on the count of values you want, put the count in square brackets. For example, 1-10 [5] produces five values from 1 to 10 inclusively: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10
by –recursive

Pretty useful if you want to set your defaults in Stable Diffusion Automatic1111.

My Sustainable And Repeatable Workflow for High-Res Images

aligning a face in photoshop after stable diffusion

Here are the steps that repeatedly produces high-quality, print-quality results.

  1. Get a sample pose for ControlNet
  2. Prompt and pray
  3. Run CFG scale plot
  4. Inpaint erroneous areas
  5. Upscale
  6. Re-generate face

Details can be found here.

Outbound resources

My best learning resources are:

Reddit r/stablediffusion

Every day, there’ll be a new method and tutorial, along with a lot of graphics and stuff. You can learn a lot from just browsing this subreddit daily.

SD Compendium

A website with links based on category.

For example, if you want to find some links related to LoRa, upscaling or something else, then this is the first place to visit.

Stable Diffusion Art

A much more composed and collected resource that has many tutorials for Stable Diffusion.

Recommend to check periodically because the tutorials are top notch.