TempIQ: Raspberry pi temperature logger

Does showering with the washroom door open increase room humidity? Does closing the blinds help significantly in retaining heat?

I wanted to know how my actions affected my apartment’s temperature. But there was no commercial solution that I know of. Luckily, a Raspberry Pi, DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and some programming knowledge helped.

Written in node.js, the Raspberry Pi runs a server which delivers a HTML page which shows the climate and a toggle to log to Google Sheets. This helps me collect the data I need.

The Raspberry Pi delivers temperature and humidity data to any device that logs into its IP address

Log into Google Sheets, and three data points get logged: temperature indoors, humidity and Vancouver’s temperature.

Data collected by the Raspberry Pi gets logged into a Google Sheet

One thing I learned is that windows fog up very quickly if there’s any moisture emission. Over time, this leads to mould on the windows.

If I were in the bedroom, dew accumulates very quickly on the windows. Data shows a spike within 15 minutes and remains at 90%+ humidity.

What’s next? Perhaps an Arduino with a temperature sensor that activates a fan to circulate air and remove humidity from the windows.

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