Broadway Dental Group

Two requirements: easily editable by staff; has auto-updating Google Reviews

More than just a website, a dental office in Vancouver wanted something that they would be in control of.

They wanted a sleek, modern and clean website that had a hero video, staff profiles and the website must be easily edited by staff.

In addition, they needed a website with automatically updating Google Reviews.

Here’s how I accomplished each requirement.

Easily editable by staff

Broadway Dental Group wanted to be self-sufficient and reduce cost of keeping a web developer on retainer.

They wanted it hosted on WordPress. They also needed to be able to edit the whole site without calling a web developer to do it for them.

How did I make this website user-editable?

I foresaw some things changing often

  • Staff leaving, joining, necessitating website changes
  • Contact info changes

An easy way to solve this procedure is to use WordPress’s Patterns and Reusable Blocks.

Finally, I also created a manual that outlined how to make changes and where to access various services.

Managing staffing changes

I created three patterns: single staff thumbnail, a row of staff thumbnails and a single profile thumbnail.

One click, and staff can get designs that conform to the design of the website.

Using Patterns, one click will allow staff to get a row of staff thumbnails or a single staff profile among other templates.

Contact bar

The contact bar is used throughout the website. In order to reduce staff’s workload of having to make changes on every page, I created a Contact Bar template.

By using Reusable Blocks, changes made on this page will be propagated to all pages. This saves staff time keeping track of pages where the Contact Bar is.


A snippet of the manual that I created for Broadway Dental Group.

On the client’s request, I wrote a manual with the following guides:

  • How to add/remove staff
  • Guide to creating a blog post in WordPress
  • How to check Analytics
  • Changing contact information
  • Modifying Advantages section
  • Host, WordPress, FTP details

Auto-updating Google My Business reviews

Google Reviews that automatically populate

Broadway Dental Group makes a lot of effort to get Google Reviews.

In order to feature these cornerstones of their marketing efforts, I had to write a script in the WordPress backend to automatically pull reviews every month.

I also had to make sure that long reviews did not stretch the page, so I implemented a “read more” function.

A “read more” function ensures that a long review doesn’t push the page to excessive heights.

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