Why choose WordPress for website development in Vancouver

One of the questions I ask all the time is “Do you want to be able to edit your own site?”

This represents one of the most important questions because if the answer is “yes”, then I will almost always choose WordPress.

The only other content management system (CMS) that I would recommend is Strapi but only if you require special functionality. I wrote an article comparing the two, and yes, both can be edited by the user.

Why choose WordPress specifically in Vancouver?

Specific to web design and development in Vancouver, the main reason why you would want to be able to edit your own website comes down to practicality.

You’ll realize cost savings

Finding a developer to make small changes to your website is rather expensive here in Vancouver. Rates can be as high as $150/hour, so a small edit can start costing you quite a bit.

There’ll be less back-and-forth

Furthermore, it’s easier to just edit things yourself because you don’t have to take the time to explain and outline what you want changed.

One of the most difficult things to do is to explain yourself when it comes to design. Design evokes a feeling in you that might not be shared by others, so it’s quite challenging to convey proper instructions.

It’s better if you just do it yourself.

WordPress 5.9 opens up new horizons

wordpress 5.9 full site editing
WordPress 5.9’s full site editing interface.

With the release of full site editing in WordPress 5.9, you’ll also find that it represents a double-edged sword when it comes to finding a WordPress designer and developer in Vancouver.

WordPress 5.9 has a completely new way of developing websites.

It allows you the ability to edit almost every part of your website without the need to go into the code.

Previously, you couldn’t edit various parts of a website, such as your fonts, font sizes, colour scheme and other areas, without going into the code

You were restricted to creating content within a defined area of the website.

But with WordPress 5.9, you can edit almost everything. And if you need to customize a font size or some other property beyond the defaults, it’s not very difficult even if you need to wade into the file called theme.json.

Most WordPress developers in Vancouver (and Abbotsford, etc.) have their own way of developing websites. Some methods are better than others.

However, what remains true is that the full site editing method of WordPress 5.9 is new to everyone. WordPress developers who can confidently say they are proficient in full site editing remain a minority.

Most likely a developer might end up using a page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Avada, etc., to achieve the same goal.

While those page builders are great, they will cause “lock-in”.

What do I mean by that? Let me give you an example. If you use Elementor and create a fantastic website, but one day you want a refresh of your website and you want to stop using Elementor.

Well, you can’t.

The formatting is all messed up when you delete Elementor.

You’ll have to continue using Elementor or spend a lot of time reformatting all your content on your website.

This video shows you exactly what I mean.

My recommendation would be to find a WordPress developer who knows how to build a website in the WordPress 5.9 full site editing framework.

It’s in its infancy but frankly it’s a more sustainable, future-proof way of developing a website. It also goes back to the fundamental challenges of being a business owner who wants a web designer in Vancouver: finding one is hard and costly, and finding a reliable web developer in Vancouver is even more difficult. Plus, it’s more convenient to do it yourself.

My recommendations for finding a web designer in Vancouver

wordpress designer and developer in vancouver. edit every page
WordPress 5.9 allows you to edit every page. It’s truly a great development for business websites.

If you want to build your business’s website, you should find a WordPress designer and developer in Vancouver, your best bet is to ensure that your web developer builds a website that is future-proof and easily editable.

I’d recommend looking for a WordPress designer and developer who knows how to use WordPress 5.9 and its new full site editing methodology.

If you need any special functionality, say, a contact form or a price estimator, your WordPress developer should be able to code their own Gutenberg blocks.

You might also want to budget some support and training into your WordPress development package. Or at least some time to learn how full site editing works. It can be rather confusing at first to navigate the new Editor, especially if you come from a pre-5.9 workflow.

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