Freelance SEO writer

I specialize in tech, web, AI and health, helping you to rank on Google.

Do you need someone to write your content who:

  • Grows your organic traffic;
  • Writes engaging content;
  • Can create images and web uploads?

My niches:

  • Tech — Raspberry Pi
  • Tech — IoT
  • Tech — Hardware
  • Tech — Software
  • Web — WordPress
  • AI — Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT
  • Men’s Health
  • Dentistry

Proven Results in Growing Organic Traffic

Raspberry Pi Blog Grew 3x Over One Year

I was the main writer for PiCockpit’s blog, a SaaS company that operates also as a Raspberry Pi retailer.

Their traffic grew 320% in organic users as I helped them rank various articles.

Let’s grow your traffic. Contact me.

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Website traffic (exact stats blurred for privacy reasons)

Newsletter read rate

From Zero To 10K Users For Men’s Health Start-Up

When SIRE started, I advised them on how to start and maintain their growth.

Till today, some of their cornerstone articles that I advised on still rank as their biggest source of incoming traffic.

No idea where to start? Ask me.

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Writing About AI, And Ranking On First Page

Every week, something new happens in AI.

You can’t do SEO keyword research the traditional way because there’s no database that can predict the future!

You need someone who knows AI, its trends and has a nose for what keywords will come next.

I have written for ClickUp for their AI project and I also write tutorials on Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT for my blog.

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Search Console data

Average Positions of Top Articles

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How Can We Implement Your SEO Strategy?

Here’s how clients typically work with me.

  1. Discovery call
  2. Keyword research
  3. Discussion on chosen keywords
  4. Writing & assignment of articles
  5. Monthly review

Discovery Call

Typically, it starts by understanding why you want to do SEO. In this call, I will advise you of the strategy we will take.

Keyword Research

Successful keyword research requires you to know

  • Difficulty to rank
  • Search volume
  • Alignment with business goals

I’ll do keyword research and come up with a title and general content direction.


We will discuss whether these keywords are in line with your business goals.

Writing & Assignment

I will manage the writing for you.

I will write it myself or choose the best writer for this job.

Monthly Review

At the end of the month, we review where we’re at and what articles we’d like to go for next.

Satisfied Clients

I’m loving how SEO is building SIRE. Really a good investment, and a lot of credit goes to you too. For helping and giving advice in the early days.

Dr. Chan Jun Yang, SIRE founder.

XY worked as a writer for several of my websites over the last few years. His work is top-notch. His prose is excellent. His research second-to-none. He is methodical and delivers exactly what readers want to read. His work is a huge asset to my web properties. I strongly recommend XY’s freelance writing for any publisher

Jon Dykstra

Book A Discovery Call

Let’s set up a meeting where I will discuss your goals and create a SEO plan to grow your business.

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Websites. Graphics. SEO-oriented content.

I can get your next project off the ground.

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