Freelance Web Developer: Effective & Stress-Free Websites

Websites Tailored To Your Growth Stage

Your new website will:

  • Fulfill your vision of what you want;
  • Have well-presented content that converts;
  • Conform to your brand colours and styles;
  • Have custom functionality that you need.

One-Page Websites

  • Showcase your products and services in an effective way;
  • Perfect as a first website or a supplement to advertising campaigns;
  • Lowest cost;
  • Shortest timeline to live website;
  • Booking, quotation, contact forms and other interactive functionalities possible.
  • Prices start at $800.
  • Quickest delivery is a few days.

Website featured: Coaching Through Kindness

simple one page website developer

Comprehensive Websites

  • Perfect if your business’s offering requires more trust-building and explanation;
  • Individual pages for each of your offerings;
  • Booking, quotation, contact forms and other interactive functionalities possible.
  • Prices range: $1,200 to $8,000.
  • Quickest delivery is two weeks.

Website featured: Broadway Dental Group

comprehensive website development

Interactive Websites

  • Perfect if your website needs custom-built capabilities;
  • For example: voting system, games, ordering features.

All interactive websites are quoted on a case-by-case basis

Website featured: Sled Style

sled style on pc


I reply to almost all my clients within 24 hours. This keeps the ball rolling.

You can significantly shorten the timelines it takes to build a website too! Find out how.

Not sure what you need to have? Take my questionnaire to find out. I’ll contact you afterwards.

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Collaboration Process

  • Initial contact: We chat and I get an understanding of your vision through the questionnaire.
  • Proposal: I submit a proposal to you that outlines deliverables from both sides.
  • Deposit: You put down a deposit and the timeline promised in the proposal starts.
  • Draft: You receive a draft to review. You approve, reject or comment.
  • Publish: Once approval is received, your website will be live!
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I’ll Handle All Aspects

Think of building a website like building a physical store.

You will need someone who can handle all of these aspects

Parts to a StoreWebsite Equivalent
The physical storeYour web pages
Interior designWeb design
Signage, menus, brochuresCopywriting & SEO

You could handle these aspects yourself, or I can handle all of it for you.

components to a website

Successful Collaborations

zen8 flooring website

Working with XYZ was an absolute pleasure! From the moment I reached out for a website design inquiry, his passion and approach shone through.

XYZ was attentive to my needs, receptive to my ideas, and demonstrated a genuine enthusiasm for bringing my vision to life.

His expertise and creativity transformed my website into a stunning online presence. Highly recommended! and THANK YOU!!

Khan, Zen8 Floorings
website for small business

I wanted to start a business so I approached XYZ to build my website so I could direct potential clients there.

He helped me from start to finish with writing copy, design and hosting.

For a non-technical guy, working with XYZ was trouble-free and easy.

Houman Rahmanian, United Contracting
coaching website developer

I have worked with XY for over a year and he has created my website and marketing materials. I find that he is responsive, creative, positive, attentive and quite an expert.

I feel honored to recommend him and it has been my experience that not only does he assist you in a timely and friendly manner…he also gently  guides you through the process and any changes required.

Laura Stanley, Coaching Through Kindness 

Value Added Services

Your business will grow in the future. Will your website become a burden?

I understand websites, SEO, design and hardware requirements. I am also a business owner.

I will find the best way to build a sustainable website with the growth of your business as the primary goal.

Here are my guarantees to you:

  • Will never lock you in. Some developers will try to control a part of your infrastructure to lock you in.
  • Will be contactable. All my clients have asked me regular questions and I will attempt to respond within 24 hours.

Let’s get in touch.

+1 647 365 1465 / +65 8147 9330

[email protected]

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Have a project in mind?

Websites. Graphics. SEO-oriented content.

I can get your next project off the ground.

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