Website build process flow

I can build you a website that is fast, responsive and stylish.

There’s just a few things I need in order to make this a painless, smooth process.

From your end…

The process is simple and painless. Here are some considerations:

What do you want the website to do?

  • Do you want the website to be an online brochure?
  • Do you need a portfolio or blog?
  • Do you need interactive features?
    – i.e. chat, comments, login, integration into Mailchimp, contact forms, etc.

Do you have any websites you like?

If you see any websites you like, they are very useful in my creation of a proposal for you.

What timelines do you have?

A website can be done in a week, a month or six months.

Fundamentally, the complexity of the website and your speed of reply are two major factors that has a direct link to the speed of delivery.

Click here to find out how you can influence the speed of delivery.

Do you want to be able to modify the website?

Website can be built so the end user can modify the content. This generally requires more time and effort to build initially, but can pay off if your content changes often.

Some examples of websites that will benefit from this approach are blogs, portfolios and pages that spend a lot of time on SEO input.

Who will be supplying the content?

Websites will need pictures and text. Do you need me to find the pictures and write the text?

From my end… a proposal

Once I gather all of these details, I will create a proposal for you.

The proposal will lay out three important aspects

  • Pages that will be created
  • Price
  • Timelines for design, coding and development, and hosting

Timelines are split into three segments: design, coding/development and finally, testing.

At the end of the design timeline, I will deliver a mock up of your website’s proposed design. This mockup design is the blueprint of what your website will look like once it’s online.

Then, we head into the coding and development phase where I will put the design into code.

At the end of this, the website gets uploaded to the web and we test it. Once everything is good, it goes live and we’re done.


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